Trump’s “Messages” Compared to Mussolini and Hitler; Asian Market Reactions & Kiwi Slide

Financial Market News:

  • 💹 Most Asian currencies traded flat to low on Wednesday, with the dollar strengthening ahead of U.S. economic cues
  • 📉 New Zealand dollar was the worst performer due to less hawkish signals from RBNZ
  • 🔄 Federal Reserve officials indicated no hurry to cut interest rates, influencing trading range for regional currencies
  • 💱 Dollar index and futures rose in Asian trade as early interest rate cut expectations were priced out
  • 📈 Focus on PCE price index data for clues on potential rate cuts by the Fed
  • 💰 Stubborn inflation is a key concern for the Fed
  • 📊 Second reading on fourth-quarter GDP due later on Wednesday
  • 🇳🇿 RBNZ kept interest rates steady but traders priced out expectations for more rate hikes
  • 📉 Australian dollar fell due to low inflation, offsetting RBA’s warning of rate hikes
  • 💱 Indian rupee steadied around 82.9 to the dollar in an established trading range
  • 💸 Asian stocks cautious ahead of U.S. inflation data
  • 📊 Important data releases this week will impact Fed decisions
  • 💵 Australian dollar weakens on low inflation data
  • 🛢️ Crude oil prices fall on prospect of delayed U.S. rate cuts
  • 🪙 Gold prices slightly rise

Geopolitical News:

  • 💀 Chinese Communist Party is enslaving Uyghurs through forced labor
  • 🚫 Atrocities include mass imprisonment, forced sterilization, torture, and abuse
  • 🔒 Party has sought to control ethnic minorities, predominantly Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang
  • ⚠️ US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo determined CCP committing genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang

Media Messaging and Propaganda:

  • 🔁 Trump uses similar messaging tactics as Hitler and Mussolini
  • 💬 Messages are simple and repeatable, like "Stop the Steal"
  • 📺 Delivery of messages has changed with social media and cable TV
  • 📚 Similar tactics of telling big lies have been documented in history
  • 🌐 People are in news bubbles and consume information from one side or another

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