Bank of Israel on Hold for Digital Euro as they Prepare for Digital Shekel Launch

Key Takeaways:

  • 💰 The Bank of Israel is committed to creating a digital shekel currency for improved payments and innovation
  • 🌍 134 countries are exploring digital currencies to eventually replace cash
  • 📱 The BOI has been experimenting with a digital shekel and invited companies to participate in the project
  • 🏦 The digital shekel could provide competition with bank deposits and create a level playing field for payment providers
  • 💳 A digital shekel would allow the public to pay with central bank money in any transaction
  • 💰 Bank of Israel is monitoring the development of digital currencies such as the digital euro before deciding on the digital shekel
  • 🌍 The central bank is evaluating how a digital shekel could impact the use of cash and the overall financial system
  • 📊 Israel sees the potential benefits of a digital currency in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • 💰 Bank of Israel unlikely to introduce digital shekel before ECB digital euro
  • 🏦 Lohn growth in Euro area slightly increases in June
  • 📈 US economic production gap to support US Dollar by year-end
  • 💱 ING comments on Euro, Swiss Franc and Euro, Sterling relations in Forex
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  • 🕑 Experts available Monday-Friday for assistance

The Path to a Digital Shekel and the Global Financial Landscape

In an ever-evolving financial landscape, the discussion around digital currencies has taken center stage. The Bank of Israel has shown a strong commitment to creating a digital shekel, aiming to enhance payment systems and foster innovation in the country. This move aligns with a global trend, with 134 countries exploring digital currencies as a potential replacement for traditional cash.

As part of its efforts, the BOI has been actively experimenting with a digital shekel and engaging with companies to participate in the project. The introduction of a digital shekel could not only provide competition in the banking sector but also level the playing field for different payment providers, offering the public the convenience of central bank-backed digital transactions.

While the benefits of a digital shekel in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness are clear, the BOI is closely monitoring the development of other digital currencies such as the digital euro before finalizing its plans. The central bank is evaluating the potential impacts of a digital shekel on cash usage and the overall financial system.

Moreover, experts suggest that the Bank of Israel is unlikely to introduce the digital shekel before the ECB launches its digital euro. This decision could be influenced by factors such as the growth of the Euro area and the US economic production gap, which is expected to support the US Dollar by the end of the year. ING has also provided insights into Forex dynamics involving the Euro, Swiss Franc, and Euro-Sterling relationships.

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