What is RoboX?

RoboX is the next generation of smart trading machines. Developed by Tradency, the RoboX algorithm is based on packages of smart trading strategies, customized to bring together your particular trading styles and preferred assets with your personal risk management profile.

RoboX works off a simple questionnaire format. Your answers to these questions are used in the proprietary Tradency algorithm which scans a database of over 1,000,000,000 trading strategies to create your own personalized packages according to the algorithm’s pre-defined rules.

These packages are automatically updated in real-time as the Robox algorithm scans all the available strategies and matches your account only with the ones most suited to your trading profile.

Robox takes the pain out of choosing your automated trading software setups.

Easy Activation

Simple questionnaire type setup

Multiple Strategies

Real time scanning of suitable strategies

Match Your Profile

Strategies matched to your trading profile

How RoboX is different from social trading

While Social Trading can have benefits, RoboX is much more than just a way to share strategies with a network of connections. RoboX assesses your exact requirements and level of trading skills to create a package of trading strategies tailor-made to be a precise fit to your needs.

With a built-in database of over 1,000,000,000 strategies, RoboX is more than just an exchange of ideas. RoboX is a smart strategy developer.

The Most Advanced Trading Strategy Builder
For Forex And CFD Traders

RoboX is aimed at those traders looking to diversify their trading portfolios,
without the down-time required for extra training. You might already be trading the currency markets
successfully and feel it’s time to try CFDs on Indices for example. RoboX allows you to trade the new instrument
 without having to go into the intricacies of the individual asset type.

The fastest way to deploy customized trading strategies

RoboX is based on a simple and straightforward profile builder

Build your trader profile and RoboX generates your strategy package

A proven environment that works for multiple asset classes and markets

RoboX works right out of the box no matter what your experience level

Unique Community Of Strategy Providers

RoboX is made up of over 1,000,000,000 strategies, tested for all market conditions and asset classes. Developed by Tradency, one of the market leaders in trade automation, the heart of the RoboX system is the smart matching algorithm.
This matches your answers to the setup questionnaire against a database of strategies to assemble the optimum package for your trading needs.

Fast Activation

Assess your risk tolerance with the simple RoboX questionnaire

Always Up To Date

Stay connected with the RoboX user notifications and never miss a beat

Cross Device Compatible

RoboX is mobile optimized for a seamless transition between devices

Robox is not suitable for all clients, therefore the company will review the request before the provision of this service.