What is Mirror Trading?

The latest addition to the EuropeFX family of trading platform add-ons, Mirror Trading from Tradency brings institutional level trading technology to retail clients. Mirror trading allows traders to “mirror” or copy trades from selected strategy developers into their own trading accounts. Sounds easy enough, but the technology behind a successful system goes far deeper than simply copying trades.

The Tradency solution tracks all the available strategies and signals from all providers on the system, allowing traders to view and analyze these over their selected time frames. The system allows traders to match their own trading profile, including risk management preferences to the available signals and choose the ones that best match their own personalized parameters.

With a powerful monitoring system built directly into the algorithm, Tradency’s solution allows you, the trader, to track the strategies and signals on offer. Once you have made your selections, they can be applied directly to your trading account and trades executed based on your choices. all in real-time and with minimal set-up requirements.

How Does Mirror Trading® Work?

Traders from all corners of the globe make up the Mirror Trader community. These traders have spent long hours developing their trading strategies and these form the basis of the Tradency algorithm.

 The trade orders originating from the community connect directly to the Tradency servers and from there are mirrored directly onto connected trade accounts. Mirroring is instantaneous and fully automated.

 Signals and strategies are evaluated directly inside the Tradency platform. Select the signals you wish to follow and the Tradency algorithm mirrors every Buy and Sell order directly into your connected trade account.

 All the strategies available inside Mirror Trader are algorithm based. Contributing signal providers develop their strategies based on multiple types of technical indicators and market analysis, for a level of sophistication only available till now to banks or hedge funds.

Live chart

Live Chart

MirrorTrader comes with advanced charting capabilities, allowing for fine-tuning of chart views, chart types and time frames.

Chart Analysis

All your favorite indicators can be added to your chart views in a single click with Buy and Sell orders open to instant view.

Live Signals

All Buy and Sell signals generated by MirrorTrader are displayed as a live feed in the platform for an at-a-glance overview.

Trading Portfolio

Create your portfolio of strategies and choose to have these mirrored directly into your trading account for a diverse portfolio.

Strategies Performance

MirrorTrader offers a detailed summary of the performance of all the strategies in your portfolio allowing for easy optimization.

Strategies Filters

Input your own trading goals and requirements and MirrorTrader can filter all the available strategies based on your exact input.

Live market charts. Analyze charts by zooming in and out of the chart, change time frames and choose between different types.

Mirror Trading® advantages

The Mirror Trading system creates opportunities around the clock, freeing up your trading schedule. With strategies to suit all trading styles and constant monitoring of market conditions at server level. Mirror Trader brings a new level of sophistication to automated trading software.

Trading can be either manual or algorithmic. Manual traders are presented with all the underlying information about the particular signal such as charts and indicators and can place their trades at their own discretion. For algorithmic traders, positions are opened and closed based on their own setups and according to their particular parameters, such as risk management.

Choose your strategy

No matter what your trader profile, Mirror Trader can match your requirements and asset classes.

Automated trading

Forget watching the clock and staring at a screen all day. Mirror Trader is set and forget simple.

Monitor your account 24/5

These strategies trade automatically 24/5. Traders can add, remove or modify Strategies to suit their trading preferences.

1000 live, active users were asked what they thought of Mirror Trader

• 90.2% answered Mirror Trader is easy to use
• 92.4% liked the 24/6 automated trading capability
• 80.6% said they considered Mirror Trader to be a long term investment tool

Forex Mirror Trader

The Mirror Trader solution from Tradency operates in all markets and across all asset types. Whether you prefer to trade Forex Currencies, Stocks, Commodities or Indices CFDs, Mirror Trader has an algorithm to fit your particular needs.

Global reach

With MirrorTrader, automated trading for all markets and all asset types are right there at your finger tips. With signals generated for all major asset, you’ll be sure to find your favorite trades from a huge range of tradable instruments. With options to generate signals for CFDs, MirrorTrader brings a whole new world of trading opportunities with futures available for major indices, stocks and commodities as well as forex currencies, for a truly diversified investment portfolio.

Automated Futures Trading

MirrorTrader comes fully loaded for Futures traders:

– Advanced charting features with real-time & historical data
– Trading directly from charts
– Order entry
– Level 2 orders
– Order tickets
– Entry & Exit options
– Advanced mirror trading capabilities