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What are my fees for trading with EuropeFX?

Deposit & Withdrawals

Deposit: No Fees
Withdrawals Fee 25 USD/GBP/EUR

*Gilt nur für deutsche Kunden

Fees related to trading

Commission: Please find the commission rates in Contract Specification

Example: Suppose Amazon share opening price is 1850.50 and you want to trade 0.1 lot with commission 7% Commission paid = 1850.50 * 7% * 0.1 = 12.95$
Rollover Fee Rollover fee depends on five variables: 1) Price of the old contract 2) Price of the new contract 3) Volume traded 4) Direction of trade (buy or sell) 5) Spread of new contract

Example: Contract_old = 100 Contract_new = 110 Spread of Contract_new = 1

Client A is trading the Contract_old future with volume of 10 contracts with a Buy Direction: Rollover Fee = (100-110)*10 + (-1*10) = -$110 will be the withdrawn from the client's account since the client is in Buy direction and the new contract has a higher price compared to the old contract.

If the same client was on Sell Direction: Rollover Fee = (110-100)*10 + (-1*10) = +$90 will be deposited to the client's account.

Additional Fees

Opening a new live or demo trading account No Fees
Inactivity Fee 25 USD/GBP/EUR
Chargeback fee 200 USD/GBP/EUR
Conversion Fees (for base currency account different than the deposited account) No Fees

Internal Transfer (Between a clients’ separate trading accounts)

Accounts with the same base currency No Fees
Accounts with different base currencies No Fees