EuropeFX and ZuluTrade

EuropeFX account holders now have access to ZuluTrade, the world’s leading Social Trading Platform. ZuluTrade allows investors to search for the most successful traders on the system using the ZuluRank performance evaluation algorithm. Choose the traders you want to follow and mirror their strategies in your own trading account.
Users on the ZuluTrade interface can manage their accounts through the advanced features such as risk management using ZuluGuard, for extra protection for any volatile trading strategies.

How Does ZuluTrade Work?

The ZuluTrade Performance Table ranks participating traders on a number of performance parameters as well as real-time feedback from the ZuluTrade community. The platform includes advanced options, allowing users to customize all the parameters of their trades based on their own preferences.
Connect your account to ZuluTrade, and you can set your own assets to trade, trade volumes, trade frequency and even the times you’d like to copy trades at.
ZuluTrade signal providers come from almost every country in the world. The forex markets are open 24 hours a day, and with ZuluTrade, you can be trading around the clock without being chained to your PC.

The Unique ZuluTrade Features


An advanced risk management tool that continually monitors connected accounts and automatically intervenes if a selected trading strategy becomes too volatile.

Social Charts

The power of social media allows users to create and share comments and insights with the ZuluTrade community.


The advanced customization options in ZuluTrade allow users to fine-tune the settings in their accounts, such as lot sizes, assets, open trades, custom stops and limits.

Risk Management

Get an instant evaluation of the potential risk associated with any trading strategy in the system.


The ultimate trade simulation tool. Choose which strategies you want to copy and test these according to your account settings.


The Automator tool in the ZuluTrade system provides an easy way for users to create and execute their own automated rules using simple “is this then that” logic statements.


An algorithmic performance evaluation tool that ranks participating signal providers on several factors, including overall performance, performance stability, how long they have been active in the system, how many positions can be opened simultaneously, minimum equity required to follow the particular signal provider and many others. All these factors are aggregated into a single ranking formula, providing a transparent and straightforward evaluation metric.

Open your Zulutrade Account in a few simple steps:

  • Create a EuropeFX Account
  • Log in to the Client Area
  • Click the “OPEN ZULUTRADE ACCOUNT” button
  • Check your email for activation and login details.