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News Sentiment Tools by Acuity

EuropeFX has teamed up with Acuity, leading news technology specialists, to bring you exciting new AI-driven trading tools to help you explore the power of news.

All traders know the value of research, data and information but with vast volumes of news sources and news items to choose from, keeping up to date with the news is a major challenge. How to translate all this valuable information into trading opportunities is another.
Acuity does all the hard work for you by aggregating and analyzing the news using sophisticated AI technology. They extract valuable insights from millions of stories every day and use this data to drive highly intuitive and powerfully visual tools. 
By detecting even the subtlest of changes in sentiment and identifying multi-dimensional patterns in the data, Acuity’s tools can uncover unique insights, identify emerging trends and anticipate market volatility that can help you to shape your trading strategies.

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Sentiment Data

Find out how positive or negative the global investment community feels about tradable assets on an hourly and daily basis. See how much the sentiment has changed since its last reading and which assets are the most positive or negative.

Sentiment vs Price Data

Monitor how sentiment and price correlates to identify trends early.

News Volume & Fear Factor

Identify market volatility using the news volume and fear indicators to time your trades.

AI Market Alerts

Be notified when sentiment and price data patterns are emerging. Modeled on historical data, these patterns could suggest similar market movements.

Economic Calendar

Know what to watch using the comprehensive economic calendar with impact level filtering, showcasing the key events affecting the markets.